1. We need to wait for the announcement of the ham radio exam. In our country, it is conducted by the government structure - ANRCETI. They post about it in the “News” section. Here is an example Therefore, it is necessary to follow this. In Telegram, we usually find out about it almost immediately. They usually announce it a month before the event.

  2. For ANRCETI, you need to prepare:

    • A filled out Google Form, the link to the current form will be in the news.
    • 2 (two) 3x4 photos, not older than 6 months.
    • A copy of your ID card. An application for admission to the exam [CAN BE FILLED OUT DIRECTLY AT THE EXAM]
  3. ⚠️ IMPORTANT: There is a deadline for submitting the application (in the form of a Google Form), please take this seriously to avoid disappointment. Study/review the exam material and test your knowledge. Everything you need is available here.

  4. After the application deadline has passed, ANRCETI’s website will publish a list of people admitted to the exam.

  5. Wait for the time of the exam. On the day of the exam, arrive 5-10 minutes early; the whole procedure usually takes about 1:30-2 hours, no more. Here is the exact location. Enter through the main door and go up to the 5th floor. Most likely, you will not be there alone 🙂 If there is no one there, or you are late, knock on the door. (there is only one door on the 5th floor)

  6. Take the exam, filling out all the documents and providing your previously prepared documents as required. If you do not pass, you will have to wait for the next exam. There are NO retakes. So take your preparation seriously.

  7. If you pass the exam successfully, you will be issued a confirmation document also called “Certificat de examinare …”. There is a chance that it may not be issued immediately, perhaps an hour or two later or after some time. Exact details will be known from the secretary of the examination commission.

  8. Along with this document, we go to SNMFR (Serviciul Național de Management al Frecvențelor Radio). The exact location is here. Working hours: 08:00-16:00

    • Fill out an application for a ham radio callsign.
    • If you haven’t chosen - choose a callsign for yourself. For category “C” you can choose a 3-letter postfix, for “B” - 2 letters, for “A” - one (For example, if you are from Chisinau then the prefix will be ER1 and then the postfix as already described earlier). You cannot choose the prefix, it is tied to the district number where you are registered. If you did not choose a callsign for yourself or it is not important to you - they will choose one for you. To check the list of existing callsigns, refer to resources: QRZ.com, QRZ.ru, etc.
    • Check the box for the 50-52 MHz range, even if you do not plan to operate on it - you will have it immediately, so you do not have to make several trips.
    • Either at the time of filling out or later through M-Pay, you will be sent an invoice for 90 MDL for renting the callsign for 3 years. After payment, you will be sent/given an “AVIZ” with a list of frequencies and power. Together with it, you go back to ANRCETI. Or, if everything was done in electronic format - you don’t have to go anywhere, however, you need to fill out an application for a permit.
  9. If the application in ANRCETI was filled out, within 10 working days, your permit will be ready. You can come and pick it up.

  10. With the permit and certificate in hand - you can confidently operate on the air. Congratulations! 🎉

For any questions that may have arisen, please contact our Telegram group.